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Polyacrylate Terrazzo


ProTerrazzo Systems is a developed and tested thinset engineered cement terrazzo (polyacrylate). By utilizing the latest in Rapid Cure engineered cement technology a new generation of polyacrylate has arrived.

Our team focused on creating solutions to other thinset terrazzo flooring systems; user friendliness, breathability, design compatible, odorless & LEED materials credit are all primary considerations for the RC product system. A unique industry partnership involving: the International Masonry Institute (IMI), Bonsal American a division of Old Castle, ProTerrazzo Systems continue to redefine terrazzo technology: RC Polyacrylate Terrazzo. 

RC Terrazzo is a cement based, thinset terrazzo binder into which a traditional aggregate such as various sized marble chips are mixed. This pliable, site prepared mixture is poured into the space created by a pre-determined pattern of aluminum, zinc or brass divider strips. RC Terrazzo is mechanically ground to a flat, finished surface and once sealed, offers exceptional life cycle costs. RC Terrazzo’s quick drying time allows for faster project completion. A water-based, solvent-free, LEED-compliant, low-VOC system - RC Terrazzo requires only water for clean-up.   


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