Pro Tile Distributors
Rapid Cure
Polyacrylate Terrazzo


  • A breathable, non-shrink polyacrylate terrazzo system - RC. (Rapid Cure Technology)
  • Installed, cured, ground, polished &
    sealed on site.
  • Nominal 3/8" thick floor system installed
    on a properly prepared concrete substrate.
  • Meets or exceed industry standards for polyacrylate terrazzo.
  • A custom designed & poured in place
    bonded floor system.
  • A warranted system of products installed by
    professionally trained installers.
  • A site mixed cement & aggregate recipe.
  • Sustainable system with extended useful life cycle.
  • Sealer
  • Grout
  • Cement Binder
  • Anti-Fracture Membrane (as needed)
  • Prepared surface
crack isolation membrane


  • Zero VOC - Safe for installers
  • Zero flammability
  • Water mix and clean up – no solvents required
  • No detectable odor during installation
  • No special waste product treatment required
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Potential LEED innovation & design credit
  • May contribute to LEED regional materials credit
  • Permanent life cycle
  • High strength
  • Zero shrink
  • Low alkaline
  • Moisture vapor tolerant / Breathable
  • Aesthetic quality of old-world cement terrazzo
  • No color fading resulting from UV sensitivity
  • Compatible with zinc, brass & aluminum metals
  • Compatible with glass chips & stone aggregate
  • RC - Rapid Cure Polyacrylate Terrazzo supports fast track installation
  • Accepts foot traffic in 3-4 hours
  • Ready to grind in 16 hours or less
  • Similar COF of expansion to cement substrate
  • Compatible with flowable hand troweled cement